婚礼当天凌晨4点做蛋糕的新人 / Early morning dedication to make their own wedding cake

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

露露是一个简单而温暖的人,她喜欢暖粉色,她和让大哥想要一场温馨的婚礼。Lulu is a simple and sweet girl. She loves a soft pink color and dreams having a warm & sweet wedding with Mr. Jean Victor.

露露是甜品师,让大哥是甜品主厨,露露说:“一直都在帮别人做甜品,如果我的婚礼蛋糕不是我自己做的我会遗憾一辈子”。婚礼当天在凌晨四点的厨房忙碌,大概就是甜品工作者的执着。Lulu is a patisserie and Mr. Jean Victor is a dessert chef. Lulu: "I make desserts for people everyday, if I don't make my own wedding cake I will be regret it for the rest of my life." In the picture below, they were busy in the kitchen at 4am on their wedding day, making their own wedding cake and desserts for their guests. This is the true passion of dedicated dessert artists.

谢谢你们让我们策划了你们的婚礼,并见证了你们的幸福和甜蜜,我们知道你们的爱情像就像你们的甜点一样甜美。Thank you for letting us plan, design and witness your happiness. We know your love story is as sweet as the desserts you create everyday.

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