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Wedding Dress Code Guide/在美国参加婚礼穿什么?什么是Dress Code?

Attending a wedding in America can be an exciting affair, but it can also be stressful when it comes to figuring out what to wear. Dress codes and expectations vary depending on the location, time of day, and level of formality of the wedding. To help you navigate the dress code requirements, we’ve put together a guide on what to wear to an American wedding.

Two individuals dressed in black tie attire, the man in a tuxedo with bow tie and the woman in a floor-length elegant gown with statement jewelry

1. Black Tie

Black-tie weddings are the most formal dress code, usually held in the evening. For men, a black tuxedo, dress shirt, bow tie, and dress shoes are required. Women should wear a floor-length formal gown or a dressy cocktail dress. A black tie event means that you should opt for classic and elegant styles.

Man in dark suit and woman in formal gown, representing a formal dress code.

2. Formal or Black Tie Optional

This dress code is slightly less formal than black tie, but still dressy. Men should wear a dark suit, dress shirt, and tie. Women should opt for a formal floor-length gown or a chic cocktail dress. You can add some sparkle with your accessories or jewelry, but remember to keep it classic and tasteful.

Man in dark suit and woman in cocktail dress, representing a semi-formal dress code

3. Semi-Formal or Cocktail Attire

Semi-formal or cocktail attire is a dress code that is popular for weddings. Men should wear a suit and tie, while women can choose between a cocktail dress, dressy separates, or a dressy jumpsuit. This dress code allows for some creativity, so you can choose fun colors or prints for your outfit.

Beach/garden wedding attire for men and women, featuring lightweight, breathable clothing

4. Beach or Garden Wedding

For a beach or garden wedding, you should dress appropriately for the venue. Men can wear dress pants with a button-down shirt, and a lightweight blazer. Women should opt for a summer dress or a maxi dress in light, breathable fabric. You can add some fun accessories like a hat or statement jewelry.

Man in khaki suit and woman in brown tassel dress casual wedding dress code picture


Casual dress code means that you can dress comfortably, but still look put together. Men can wear dress pants or khakis with a button-down shirt. Women can wear a sundress or a skirt with a blouse. You can add some personality with accessories or a colorful pair of shoes.

Color Considerations

When it comes to choosing colors, it’s best to avoid wearing white or ivory and red for Chinese wedding as those are reserved for the bride. And avoid matching the colors worn by the bridal party. You should also avoid wearing black if the wedding is during the day, as it may look too formal or somber. Instead, choose colors that complement the season and the venue, like pastels or floral prints for spring and summer weddings, and deeper tones like burgundy or navy for fall and winter weddings.

Final Thoughts

When attending a wedding in America, it’s important to dress appropriately for the occasion. Understanding the dress code and expectations will help you avoid any fashion faux pas. Remember to keep it tasteful, elegant, and comfortable. Avoid wearing anything that is too revealing, sexy, or flashy, or opting for clothes that are overly casual, like jeans and sneakers, even at a casual-attire wedding. And, most importantly, have fun and celebrate the happy couple!


1. Black Tie

Black Tie是最正式的礼服要求,通常在晚上举行。男士需要穿正式的燕尾服、正装衬衫、领结和正装鞋,女士则需要穿及地长的礼服或鸡尾酒裙。出席Black Tie的场合,要选择经典而优雅的款式和风格。

2.Formal or Black Tie Optional

这种比Black Tie要求宽松一些,但仍然需要穿得体漂亮。男士应穿着深色西装、正装衬衫和领结/领带,女生应选择正式的长礼服或鸡尾酒裙。可以通过搭配一些珠宝或配饰来增添一些亮点,但仍需保持优雅得体。

3. Semi-Formal or Cocktail Attire

Semi-Formal or Cocktail Attire 是一种很受欢迎的婚礼着装要求。男士应穿着西装和领带,女生可以选择鸡尾酒裙、分体长裙套装或时尚连体裤。这种着装要求允许有一些创意,因此可以选择一些有趣的颜色或带有印花的服装。

4. Beach or Garden Wedding








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